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How to Share New Data About the Value of Museums


First, get the data for yourself:

Museums as Economic Engines 2017:
After downloading the national report, you’ll be on a web page where you can also choose one or more state-level reports, so be sure to get the data for your state or all the states in your region.

Museums and Public Opinion 2017:


Then share our links to the two reports! Here is some ready-made content; feel free to us as-is or modify as you see fit.


A short post for your website:

Two new groundbreaking reports from the American Alliance of Museums reveal indisputable evidence that museums contribute more to the United States economy than previously thought and have widespread public support that transcends political affiliations and geographic locations.

The first study, Museums as Economic Engines, reveals that museums support 726,000 jobs in the United States, and directly employ 372,100 people–more than double that of the professional sports industry.

The second report, Museums & Public Opinion, examines the opinions of Americans concerning museums and shows 96 percent would approve of elected officials who act to support museums, including maintaining or increasing federal funding.

Learn more about these reports and download your free copies today.


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New data from the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) shows that museums support 726,000 jobs across the US and contribute $50 billion to the economy. What’s more, 96 percent of Americans in a recent poll want federal funding of museums to stay the same or increase. Get the facts in AAM’s two FREE groundbreaking reports:
Museums as Economic Engines
Museums & Public Opinion
Sample Tweets and Facebook posts:

Have you seen AAM’s new data about museums’ economic impact and public opinion about #museums? Download your free copies now, and don’t miss the economic impact data for your state! #MuseumsEconomicEngines #MPO2017 #museumsadvocacy2018

The President’s budget might make you think museums & arts don’t matter, but new data from @AAMers shows the opposite! Museums contribute $50B yearly to the US economy, they support 726k jobs and generate $12B in tax revenue. Download the FREE report:

96% of Americans want federal funding for Museums maintained/increased. Regardless of politics, urban/rural, and even for those who don’t go to museums! Get the FREE report.

You don’t have to be in Washington, DC to make the case for museums. The stakes have never been higher and every voice matters! You can join the cause by communicating with your legislators in support of #museums. Contact Congress: #museumsadvocacy2018

Create Economic & Educational Impact Statements for your #museum: & #museumsadvocacy #museumsadvocacy2018

The stakes have never been higher & every voice matters. Make sure your legislators know the value of #museums in your community. Use our tools to Contact Congress: #museumsadvocacy #museumsadvocacy2018