Logo and WordsIn the era before the American Civil War, Natchez was the residential capital for the richest planters of the Cotton Kingdom, a vast area that stretched across the American South but centered its production on the rich flatlands of the lower Mississippi River. There on the high bluffs at Natchez, overlooking plantations on the alluvial plain and steamboat traffic on the great river, planters built palatial columned mansions in both town and suburb. They furnished them with the finest decorative arts offered by America and Europe.

After the economic upheaval of the Civil War, Natchez citizens maintained a great reverence for the grand reminders of a glorious past. Accordingly, they carefully preserved their heritage of outstanding architecture and decorative arts.

Today, Natchez is a historic town that has carefully managed its evolution. While meticulously preserving the best of its heritage, it remains a lively and gracious place to live.

Natchez is still the best place in the world to view the historic domain of the cotton planter in all its sumptuous beauty.

Address: 108 S Commerce St, Natchez, MS 39120
Phone: (601) 442-2500
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Director РMimi Miller, hnf@natchez.org